Let us take your vision to the next level



Coupled with our intelligent lighting software, uplighting will definitely enhance the atmosphere of your event. Multiple lights would be placed at different architectural spots throughout the venue. Whether you want a static color design for the entire night, or to be programmed to change colors and patterns during different segments throughout the event, we are capable of doing it all. 


With our unique lighting design, we can set the mood and change the landscape of the event through our pre-made patterns and multiple light shows. Our moving heads can also be used for spot lighting as well.



With our premier photo-booth packages, your guests will experience nothing but fun and excitement. With the latest in professional DSLR cameras, pictures will be captured in the highest quality and printed on our custom* photo strips. Guests will have the option of sharing their pictures to their social media account or text it to their phone. We also include a scrapbook for guests to sign, fun props, a dedicated attendant, and you will also receive a flash drive of all the pictures taken.

Fog Gyser or

CO2 Cannon 

This effects (Safely) shoots out fog in geyser form. Creates a lot of visual excitement for guests during grand entrances and main dance segments throughout the event. 



Cherish the moment and experience your first dance together as a married couple a top a magical cloud.This effect spreads a thick layer of fog across the floor that closely resembles a cloud and creates a magical cloudy scene on the dance floor. The pictures and experience are breathtaking. 


Have a moment in snowy bliss with one of our brand new enhancements. In-doors or outdoors in the summer, we will make it snow for your magical first dance.



By utilizing the newest technology, our "cold spark" sparklers are safe for indoor use. With the use of sparklers, we create leap to a next level of excitement during events. With this effect, the spark machines shoot out cold sparks, which create an electricfying fireworks effect! We typically use this effect during grand entrances, or during main dance segments to create next level visual excitement for guests.


It's your big day! Another way to personalize the venue to your vision is to add an animated monogram. We will put your own professional custom wedding made on the wall, dance floor, or ceiling throughout the entire day/night.

Ask about how we can do animation with fireworks, snowflakes and fog!

60" HD


Our HD TVs can be used to display pictures, videos and/or live streams of the event. We use a combination of various multimedia visuals to create an interactive experience for your guests. Our multimedia options include: “Through the Years photo montage”, Zap shot photography or live room camera, candid photo display, music videos and more!